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Jim and I have been together a long time now - nearly ten years. But heÕs been drifting away from me. I donÕt feel like I can get him to notice me, so I thought IÕd try something new. I joined HookupsRUs looking for a discreet hookup with another woman to bring into our bed, hoping that would give him what he wants. I really just want to make him happy. So, one night, I brought a girl home, and he flipped his lid! It was incredible! IÕve never seen him look at me that way! ItÕs really revitalized our relationship, and whoÕd have thought IÕd enjoy it almost as much as he did?

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About Me:

IÕve never been a one woman man, and IÕd never been monogamous until I met Lacey. I really wanted to turn things around for her, but at some point I just had to stop denying who I was. She seemed open minded enough, so I told her I wanted to bring another chick into our bed for a threesome. She didnÕt go for it at first, but once I showed her all the hot girls on HookupsRUs, she warmed up to the idea. Now I canÕt keep her off the site! SheÕs set up so many great hookups for us that itÕs hard to keep track. ItÕs the best!

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About Me:

Tom and I have been married 18 years this past May, and we always said weÕd do something wild for our 20th anniversary. ItÕs still a ways away, but I threw out the idea of a threesome! Tom loved it! Of course he would. What guy wouldnÕt, right? So weÕve been browsing HookupsRUs every now and then, talking to women we like, and seeing what they have to say. A lot of them have given us some great advice on what to do when weÕre ready, and itÕs been such a great experience. IÕm not sure if weÕll be able to wait! But weÕll see. For now, itÕs fun to learn, and see whatÕs ahead of us.

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Adult dating sites litter the internet, but they're most commonly geared towards singles. What about couples? Their fantasies need to be met as well. Here at HookupsRUs we've listened to the demands of many and created a fun, safe environment in which you can find the perfect third to round out your little party. Studies show that women are more interested in fleeting sexual hookups, and are more open minded to threesomes. Here, all sex hookup fantasies can be fulfilled - no muss, no fuss! Just the best in online sexual hookups at your fingertips!

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My boyfriend and I have been together for a few years, have a great relationship, but we have both started to talk about ways we could spice things up in the bedroom. When I suggested that we bring in another girl I thought his jaw was going to hit the floor. We are looking for an open minded and adventurous girl who isnÕt afraid to try new things. Maybe youÕre the casual hookup weÕre looking for? - WhiteLightWhiteHeat
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WeÕre always looking for someone new to join us in the bedroom Ð the more the merrier! We heard HookupsRUs was the place to be, so we signed up and have already had some mad hits! WeÕre looking to hook up with a girl who knows how to party! - ChocolateSwurl
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If variety is the spice of life then our bedroom is the spiciest. One woman has never been enough and IÕm lucky enough that my wife agrees. She loves having guests just as much as I do. We always had a tough time finding woman who was open to the idea - itÕs not the kind of thing you ask just anyone. Then we found HookupsRUs and since then itÕs been a mad house. We have got so many responses that itÕs hard to keep track of them all. And every last one has been amazing. - AnythingGoes
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Where we live, itÕs not always easy to meet people. Especially people into trying new and exciting things. I suggested to my boyfriend that itÕd be exciting if we brought another girl into the mix, and, what a surprise, he thought it was a great idea! But in our little town itÕs not exactly what you take to the streets with! We needed to find a discreet hookup. After trying a bunch of websites Ð all duds! Ð we came across HookupsRUs, and from minute one itÕs been absolute magic! We had no idea there were so many exciting and adventurous girls in our own backyard, just waiting to try something new! - Bettie&Baldwin

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It's always hard for couples seeking women who want to share an evening with them. Every hookup website seems to be geared towards singles, and couples seem to be left out in the cold. Well, no more! There are thousands of women just waiting to fulfill the fantasies of you and your partner tonight. They want exactly what you do, and you'll never have to spend another night without that perfect addition! There are so many women to choose from, you'll find yourself with a new third for every day of the week! They want exactly what you do - to satisfy you and your partner's every need! So why wait? Browse for the perfect hookup buddy tonight!


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Finding time to go on a date with one woman is hard enough. How are you supposed to find the time to meet a third? With our mobile site, HookupsRUs has created the perfect online environment to suit your daily needs. Don't waste time with adult personals or browsing the paper - it's tedious and you can't screen your matches! Here, we screen them for you! And you can browse your matches on the go! So all that extra time can be better spent with your lady and your new friend just enjoying your evening! Casual hookups are made easy here at HookupsRUs - live your threesome hookup fantasies now!

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I always knew my girlfriend had a wild side, but until recently I never knew just how wild. She came to me recently and said she signed us up for a website where you could have all the discreet hookups you wanted. It was HookupsRUs! At first I was a little worried, but then she showed me the picture of this smoking hot girl and I realized that she wanted to bring her to bed with us! Needless to say, I came around pretty quickly! WhoÕd have thought sheÕd be into some girl on girl action in a threesome hookup?! It was definitely a fantasy come true, and I canÕt wait for the next one!

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Just a few weeks ago a friend of ours whoÕs been in a serious relationship for a few years told us his girlfriend brought a woman home for a hookup. We couldnÕt believe it! At first, we were super judgmental, until they told us how amazing it was. So we started rethinking things. They made it sound so amazing, that we just couldnÕt deny it might be interesting. They used HookupsRUs, and told us they had the easiest time finding a woman to join them for their threesome. So weÕve joined up, and have already met a few really great girls. WeÕre just taking it slow Ð we havenÕt made any dates yet. But thereÕs no rush! WeÕre dipping a toe in, and the waterÕs starting to feel pretty great!

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I met Kat through HookupsRUs a couple of years ago, actually. I had no interest in a relationship, and just wanted to find a woman to hook up with. Just a casual hookup, no big deal. Well, we fell in love. And since we met on the same site, we decided to celebrate our second anniversary with a treat Ð adding another woman to the mix! So we decided to throw the hook back in the water for another go around and try for a casual hookup again. ItÕs been amazing! We wonÕt do it all the time, but itÕs such a comfort to know that thereÕs a fun, safe place for us to just explore our fantasies with other people who understand.